Admission Process

Indus Altum Early Learning Centre, believes in creating leaders of tomorrow by preparing children for an unforeseen future.

While most students join the school at the beginning of every academic year, we understand that some may not be able to do so. Based on the availability of seats, we are happy to admit students throughout the year.


The school does not discriminate based on race, creed, colour, gender, or national origin. We do, however, limit the number of students based on our capacity to provide the required learning support individually.

Admission Process

We are a Top-ranked preschool that strives to be all-inclusive. All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the School can provide an educational programme that can meet their particular needs.

STEP 1 :


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For a child’s admission the parents are required to submit Online Admission Application Form, which includes:

STEP 3 :


Once the admission approval process has been completed, and fees are paid, the following documents are provided.


We are a IB inspired school following the early years curriculum that focuses on the developmental goals of early childhood. The program is rigorous and inclusive (meets the learning needs of every child), also caters to the abilities of students by way of differentiated instruction.
Indus Altum Early Learning Centre was established in the year 2019 with the Nursery, Reception, PP1, and PP2 grades.
The average students per classroom is 18 to 20 students, handled by two teachers. A homeroom teacher and a co-teacher.
Teachers are qualified postgraduates either with prior experience or trained in methods of early childhood education. Ongoing professional development takes place throughout the year.
Yes, the school does have a transport facility subject to the distance and location in the city.
Admission notification is published on the school website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Email communication is sent from the school to our parent community. The process commences in the month of October and admissions take place on a first come first serve basis.
Communication takes place in the form of daily transaction notes, monthly curriculum newsletters, Director Preschool newsletters, Parent-Teacher meetings, and regular email communication from the school as and when required.
Students’ transition from the early years to the main school at Grade 1 is subsequent and smooth. Reapplication is not required, the process is initiated and taken forward by the early years.
The curriculum here is a lot more intense and taken to depth. Students have greater options after graduating from the Cambridge International AS & A levels.
Indus Altum International School Belagavi assists students in leveraging their good Indus Altum experiences to seek admission to colleges and universities around the world. Applying to schools and universities is an exciting and enlightening process that allows you to examine who you are, what you value, and what you might want to accomplish with your life. At Indus Altum, we have a dedicated team of counsellors who assist our students with placement and college counselling services.

Indus Altum counsellors assist students and parents in researching schools, making decisions, selecting, and visiting institutions, and completing applications. Our counselling department provides comprehensive guidance and support to students throughout their application process.

Admission Process

We are a top-ranked preschool that strives to be all-inclusive. All students are eligible for admission if it is believed that the School can provide an educational programme that can meet their particular needs.

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